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研华的串行设备博彩线上导航器易于安装,支持有线和无线网络,并且提供多种操作方式来满足工业自动化需求。EKI-1000系列串口设备博彩线上导航器可让RS-232/422/485 串口设备通过双网口连接至工业以太网网络。这些串口设备博彩线上导航器通过以太网通讯协议为远程监控串行设备提供各种冗余配置和多路存取配置。此外,他们通过丰富的运作模式完成各项需求,如虚拟串口(VCOM),TCP&UDP Server/Client等。

Protocol & Interface Conversion Solution

Advantech offers numerous wired and wireless products to convert different legacy protocols and interfaces to modern networking systems to avoid a complete overhaul of existing equipment & devices, saving cost and avoiding software programming errors.

Advantech serial device servers and Modbus/Fieldbus gateways are serial-to-Ethernet solutions that allow users to connect their isolated serial devices to the Internet for centralized machine communication management.Advantech high compatibility device servers and Modbus/Fieldbus gateways can seamlessly convert protocols for boundless machine-to-machine/ machine-to-cloud data transmission and network connectivity. The obstacles of versatile protocol communication no longer exist!

Feature Highlights

Converting Between Serial and Ethernet Connectivity

Advantech device servers convert RS-232/422/485 connections to Ethernet connection, allowing for seamless communication between traditional serial-based devices such as PLC, meters, sensors, and barcode readers to an IP-based Ethernet device.

High Compatibility with Various Serial Transmission Speed

Connect to nearly any 3rd-party serial devices without baud rate limitation, fulfilling a true machine-to-machine communication and machine-to-cloud connectivity.

Embedded Analysis Tool for Device Deployment Efficiency Enhancement

    The device servers can auto-detect and categorize the connected devices based on their baud rate settings, making sure a seamless communication at ease.

Multi-Port Design for Future Expansion

Advantech serial-to-Ethernet solution consists of 1/2/4/8/16-port serial-to-Ethernet devices that build users a high-scalability network deployment for flexible future expansion.


Advantech's serial device servers, Modbus gateways and Fieldbus gateways provide several mounting methods to fit the varying needs of different projects in the field.

Advantech IoT Academy

Serial Communication Concept

Understand various common serial communication interfaces and principles, including RS-232/422/485, and CAN bus.

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EKI-1220 series for Modbus to Ethernet protocol conversion 

In this course, you will be learning basic knowledge of EKI-1200 series Modbus gateway product features, advantages and also the field of application

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EKI-1500 series for serial-to-Ethernet protocol conversion

We will introduce the basic knowledge and features of Device Server and share some practical application scenario. We will introduce the basic setting function of Device Server.

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Wi-Fi Access Point & Client: EKI-6000 & EKI-1361 Series  

In this course, you will go through Advantech product roadmap of EKI-6300/EKI-1360 series.

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  • RS-232/422/485到无线以太网串行设备博彩线上导航器

    串行设备博彩线上导航器能让 RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 串行设备以快速、具成本效益的方式,透过以太网络连接至主计算机。 由于无须在主计算机另外进行编程,因此能节省软件开发成本。 序列装置博彩线上导航器特别适合透过以太网络以远程方式控制及监控您的序列装置,也适合与 RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 串行设备进行联机。

  • Wireless Device Server

    Advantech’s wireless device server brings RS-232/422/485 to your WLAN or LAN. Allowing nearly any device with a serial port to be connected to and shared on a WLAN, our wireless device server provides a quick, simple, and cost-effective means of bringing the advantages of remote management and data accessibility to thousands of devices that would otherwise be unable to connect to a network. With our wireless device server, your existing serial devices can be used with the most popular opera

  • Modbus 网关

    Modbus 串行设备博彩线上导航器是作为 Modbus 串行设备与在以太网络上执行 Modbus/TCP 之计算机主机之间的接口。 Modbus串行设备博彩线上导航器完全兼容于 Modbus/TCP,为您提供便利的官方网赌娱乐,将执行 Modbus 序列通讯协议 (Modbus/ASCII 或 Modbus/RTU) 的现有装置或控制器联机至以太网络。

  • USB 串口设备联网博彩线上导航器


  • Console Servers

    Advantech‘s console server solution connects serial devices to Ethernet networks, and delivers a simple, cost-effective way to exploit remote access.

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